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Fall 2014

The Murder Of Samuel S. Taylor,
100 Years Later

The untold story of the first New York State Game Protector slain in the line of duty

In New York, we are now called Environmental Conservation Officers, but this was not always so. In 1880, we were brought into existence as Game & Fish Protectors. In the beginning there were only eight of us for the entire state.
The starting annual salary was $500 (equivalent to about $14,000 today). The early days were not easy for Game Protectors. Most were shunned by a society that considered poaching an acceptable activity. It was (and still is) a
dangerous job. Threats were numerous and assaults were not uncommon. Despite this, they carried on. Then, one fateful day in April of 1914, one of them paid the ultimate price. Game Protector Samuel S. Taylor was killed.


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Summer 20014

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